Visual studio showing almost 200 False Errors

I just updated my engine version for a project, and also installed VS2017 at the same time.

Since then, VS has populated the error list with almost 200 false errors. These are related to engine classes as well as the .generated.h files for my own classes.

The project compiles and runs fine, but it does mean I have to scroll right to the bottom of the list if I ever wanted to see what real errors VS can tell me about, which is rather frustrating.

Does anybody have any clues as to how to solve this? Thanks.

It’s a bug introduced in 4.20 (Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-62042))

In the meantime you can use the workaround I’ve posted here: VS cannot find generated.h files - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums

That will fix your projects generated.h files, but not the engine ones.

We have to wait until 4.20.2 hotfix release

Well, allegedly it’s fixed, so now we just wait.

I’m not certain how this bug got into a release build, but so long as it’s dealt with…

Thanks for pointing this out to both me and Epic.

4.20.2 is out. Is your issue resolved? I still can’t compile. I asked a similar question here.

Yes it is resolved. The issue never prevented me from compiling, it just made visual studio show fake errors but compiled fine. There must be another problem with your code.