Visual studio project opens launcher instead of game

when i build my project in 4.18, I end up with the ue4 launcher opening instead of my project. When I choose a project from the launcher, the visual studio project is not attached to ue4 instance.

I worked on this project on a different computer before and then I did not have any issues. After bringing it on this pc, I have ran the generate sln file, in order to get all paths in order.
I also selected refresh visual studio project from inside unreal, but I did not see any difference.

I also do not have any of these issues with a blank new project.

Does anybody know how to fix it ?

I also had the problem project on perforce, should that count for anything. I am sure I had the whole project folder checked out while trying the options above.

You have to make sure you pass your .uproject file as argument so it launches with that: