Visual Studio Project does not appear in Git repo

So I’ve made a git repo and added a UE5 project in it.
At this point everything works fine, until I added a C++ class so I could develop in C++.
In UE5 where the “Content” folder is there is a “C++ Classes” folder for me but that does not appear for my other members in the git repo.
Also when they open up the “Project.sln” file they don’t have the project/code, it says that it was not able to load in the project and that they should try and reload the project, which does not work either in Visual Studio 2019.
Not sure what this problem could be based on, if it is some sort of git ignore thing I did’nt include, or if you have to do something special to push the project in Git or for UE5.
Thankful for any help! :slight_smile:

Fixed this issue:

  1. Delete .vs file
  2. Delete projectname.sln file
  3. Close whole project VS and UE5
  4. Right click on projectname.uproject and click generate VS files

This should reload the project and that way you will get all the code.

But i still have a problem with C++ Classes folder om Content Browser.

hi @HugBeg2000,

Download Git Bash from Git - Downloading Package for Windows 10
when you have Git CMD or Git Bash installed

cd ProjectPath
check for remote repo
git remote -v
git add --force --all .
git commit -a -m “my updates”
rem send to the remote repo
git push --force

You only do this in Visual Studio 2022.
Visual Studio 2019 uses a GitHub extension

Okay so what does this do?
Im using VS 2019 so what should i do then?

hi @HugBeg2000

Download Git CMD from Git - Downloading Package for Windows 10

log into your Git Hub Account at GitHub.con

Browse to your repository
Click “Code” copy the path
open Git CMD The Dollar represents the command prompt

$ mkdir NewProjectPath
$ cd NewProjectPath
$ git clone
Now the local project is in sync with the remote
$ git remote -v
$ git add --force --all .
$ git commit -a -m “my updates”
rem send updates to the remote repo
$ git push --force

Have you loaded VS2017 which will be needed until the final UE5 release just like UE4 needs this to package a project written VS2017

Oh cant UE5 use VS 2019 atm?

Vs 2019 and Vs2022 won’t be available in Epic Launcher BINARY until [ue5-main] becomes the final release.

If you watch the Package output log it calls part of the VS2017 MSVC compiler to package the output like UE4

UE5 is available in pre-release in source in one of my repositories, but the original is leading/cutting edge and often won’t even build until it’s patched. Thats why I want to keep my repository compiling and testing.

You need an Epic developer login, Personally electronic sign NDA, to access this source. You have to agree to 63 pages of conditions