Visual Studio Pro/Enterprise licenses, is it permanent or rent/subs?

“1Perpetual license terms: while all non-software benefits expire, you can continue using the software after subscription expiration (except for purchases in Enterprise Subscription Agreement, Open Value Subscription, and Campus Agreement programs)”

I read their sites, I really can’t understand what the different between perpetual and Subscriptions in their store,
If we buy VS Pro or Enterprise, is that licenses is subscription so we can’t use it when subsciption time is expired? or is that perpetual/permanent licenses? if yes why they have word “subscription” in their product?
do we have to pay $499/year for VS Pro and $5,999 every years to use VSEnterprise?

and are we really allowed to use community edition for make commercial games in our team? or we need pro or enterprise for it?

We had to look into this same thing at the office, and here’s the determination we made in collaboration with our MS contact:
Generally, when we get a copy of Visual Studio, that copy is ours to use forever. However, updates may not be available to us in forthcoming years without paying more.
This goes for Visual Studio that comes with MSDN, too – if Visual Studio X is available during our year of MSDN, we can keep using Visual Studio X forever, but we’d have to renew the subscription to get access to Visual Studio Y.

Personally, I would recommend against Visual Studio Enterprise. I understand that there exist some environments where that product makes sense.
Enterprise is good if you want to use Team Foundation Server, and use MS SQL Server, and do enterprise data management / reporting applications in an all-Windows environment. I prefer git, and having my client applications go through an application server on a Linux-based stack, and do reporting using other tools (Tableau, R, Spark, and so forth.)
If you’re developing a game, it’s unclear what value you’d get out of Enterprise, unless your game has a strong online component AND you want to use Windows for all your services AND you want to use Team Foundation Server.

Also, take a look at