Visual studio opens a new all the time? Script does not work when it runs in the engine?

Hello, I’m very new in the UE4 and I’m starting today, I’m programming in 3d unity and I decided to study the UE4 and see how this works, and I have some annoying problems:
1 - Whenever I create a class or open an existing one, it opens a new visual studio and this is annoying because it leaves the PC very slow, I have the habit of clicking on the class icon in the engine and I’m going to VS in unit and in UE4 a new VS instance is opened.

2- I created a simple math function to go up and down an object and another to a static mesh and compile without any error, and when I execute it does not do anything as if the script did not exist, I did the same as the tutorial and created others more basic. and I have the same result, NOTHING HAPPENS.

Who can help me, thank you strong hug ^^.

This bug is supposed to be fixed on 4.19.