Visual Studio opening file from wrong engine version when going to code declarations

Not really a question, and really a problem with VS2015 itself, but I figured I’d post it here anyway in case people don’t realize this could happen.

I have 4.12 and 4.13 installed. It seems that when you right click on a function or whatnot and click “Go to Definition/Go To Declaration”, it seems to pick randomly from one of either installed engine versions. Maybe not randomly, but it does mess up somehow. For example, I’m currently working in 4.12, and I clicked Go To Definition on a call to InternalSetTimer, but it actually opened the 4.13 version of TimerManager.cpp, which I could tell from hovering my mouse over the filename at the top of Visual Studio.

Project file is bond to engine. You could switch the project’s bonded engine by right clicking the .uproject file and picking Switch Unreal Engine version….

After switching it will regenerate the project files.

The version is 4.12 though, I’ve done this many times before when changing versions. Perhaps some of the project files got corrupted when i did something and i need to re-generate? I’ll have to test that later. Still seems strange that it could happen.