Visual Studio Online UE4 compile time?

Anyone use Visual Studio Online for UE4? How long full recompile takes?

On my desctop i5-2500k 4300mhz (4 cores) it takes ~40 mins.

Laptop i5 3200mhz (2 cores) it takes ~2-2.5 hours.

So i wonder, is it better to use Visual Studio Online instead of my laptop? or what? how long visual studio online compile takes? anyone knows?

PS: i very doubt that Visual Studio Online compile time is faster than even my laptop… because i dont beleave they give so much server power to regular users. May be they give you 1 core, 1000mhz or smth like that. May be i am wrong.

PS2: my laptop has 4 cores hyperthreaded though, i didnt try to enable extra workers like in this article: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums. So may be i should try.

Im not sure in VS Online will work at all as UE4 use custom build system called UnrealBuildTool and only thing it uses from VS is compiler