Visual Studio not found

Every time I try to build the project it fails. Posts have suggested to add an empty C++ class, however Unreal just tells me to install Visual Studio 2015 even though I already do have it install with all options. This error occurs with UE 4.12 as well. I tried installing 4.14 with or without debugging symbols with no difference. I am unable to continue with my project atm so any help would be great thanks :slight_smile:

PS - I don’t remember having this problem months ago using 4.10 but my project is 4.12 and a 4.14 copy

FIXED: i can fix the visual studio not found with enabling the Visual Studio Integration plugin

FYI: The build failed was due to another error that many posts suggested was due to plugins, but was actually due to a recent upgrade in NVidia Codeworks for Android. It appears Unreal Engine <= 4.14 does not support Codeworks R5 yet. I switched back to Codeworks R4 and the build worked perfectly.