Visual Studio keeps trying to launch even though it's already running

Hey all, I’m getting up to speed with C++ and UE4 but one annoying thing I’m trying to fix before I keep going is this little issue with VS2017. Basically it’s like the UE4 editor doesn’t realize that I have the project open in VS2017 already and whenever I create a C++ class or select one to edit, it just launches a new VS2017 instance which creates all sorts of problems as VS2017 detects the files are already open, then tries to run copies of them in a temp folder.

This is all on a totally fresh install of Windows 10 Pro, UE4 4.18 and VS2017.


This seems to be an issue with 4.18 (I’ve started having it when I updated). More info here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-51608)

Same issue here after upgrading to 4.18 – it’s pretty annoying actually – hoping that it gets prioritized and resolved soon. Please help Epic!

Yeah, I’ve run into this problem as well (using VS Community 2015). Kind of hoping they put the solution in a hotfix, but it looks like that’s unlikely given its status on the bug tracker. I mean, it’s not really a huge problem, it’s just a waste of time to deal with (and incredibly distracting).

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding the issue or if you already solved it, but I think UE4 is “hot reloading.”

There’s an option to turn off auto-compiling (which I think automatically launches VS) under Editor Preferences -> General -> Miscellaneous -> Hot Reload -> “Automatically Compile Newly Added C++ Classes.”

Of course, if your issue is that you need the auto-compile then this clearly won’t work because there doesn’t seem to be any way to auto-compile and not launch VS (which sure does look like an issue to me).

Hope I’m not just repeating what you already know!