Visual Studio Iso install and UE4 github?

Hi all,

Wanted to ask if you decide to download the iso file for Visual studio 2015 community for UE4.11.2 github. Will this work without errors? I read somewhere the iso file is missing some features? I have no idea if this features might affect compiling ue4. I am planing on trying out the VXGI branch of ue4 as well. I am using a Geoforce GTX 780m(4gb) with Windows 10. I heard vxgi is meant for the 9x series graphics cards? I intend to use it for archviz and not large scale game scenes or has vxgi been improved now that it runs well on a good gpu card?

Any info would be appreciated.

I use VS2015 Community just fine with 4.11. The thing is to, once you install VS (or it should prompt you during install), to install the extra tools. During install I think the specific ones you need are at the bottom of the list. Without those the builds will fail.

Should work fine… Check out the tutorial in my signature below if you need any assistance on how to build a source version of UE4. Take care.


Thanks pbarnhardt.
@teak421 Thanks for the tutorial link and clarifying about the visual studio iso file. Downloading the iso file right now.

One more question. I noticed you can directly download from github rather than using fork with Github Desktop Windows Client. Is there any advantage of using the windows client than direct download and building with VS?

Shouldn’t be. The client is mostly used for keeping your local copies sync’d with the ones on GitHub. It would be mostly useful if you were going to have your own repository for your project.

Okay. Thanks.