Visual Studio interface question.

Hi. May be this question is too simple that i cant find answer in goolge) And its not directly about UE, but environment to use it.

Im just doing [first programming lesson in UE]( 4.24.1 (Visual Studio Community 2019 Version 16.4.2) and when iv add a new Particle system to Actor Class its not auto fill the functions from its header file. But code working without errors when compile and executes in UE editor.

StaticMeshComponent.h added, and VisualMesh pointer offers methods from their class AFloatingfActor.cpp.

ParticleSystemsComponent.h added but no options and message <error-type> on highlight ParticleLIT variable.

In header file of Actor class ParticleLIT variable defined type correct.

In fact, the class is available in project.

Should i include class something something another way to use this feature? Or i don`t understand about inheritance in UE and i should use another header for this? Its very useful feature, especially when you start to study UE.