Visual Studio intellisense slow

Im trying to get started with UE4 but there is something that makes me crazy and is the VS intellisense being so slow.

Tried formatting the PC and with two version of VS(2019 and 2022). It’s running on a notebook I7 5700, 16gb ram and on a SSD. It takes something like 5 - 15 seconds for the intellisense to work.

Yesterday i installed Rider on a HDD and works fine, intellisense work perfect.

Is this normal with Visual Studio?

hi, have you solved the problem?

Intellisense takes some time when it comes to visual studio (5-15 seconds first time after creating a new file is normal), It got way better with VS2022 that I stopped using Rider.

Visual studio might also sometimes show false positives red lines under the GENERATED_BODY macro if you add something in the header above it, this is nothing to worry about as well and is solved if you regenerate project files.