Visual Studio Intellicode isn't working with UE4. Help?

So whenever I type simple stuff like -
#include “GameFramework/” [I should see a bunch of options, not sure how to describe it really]
But I don’t. I have to type everything manually, and I never get assisted by VStudio2019 when it comes to Unreal Engine 4.

I double checked VStudio 2019 before posting this. I have the following installed -
• Game Development with C++: Core Features, Windows Universal C Runtime, C++ 2019 Redistributable Update, MSVC Build tools, IntelliCode, C++ Profiling tools, C++ AddressSanitizer (Experimental), Windows 10 SDK (10.0.18362.0), Unreal Engine installer.

Help please. I just gave one example but the VStudio never gives me any options while typing code in it for Unreal Engine. For other basic stuff it does.

Unfortunately, it’s a known issue that Intellesense struggles with big projects and UE projects are massive because it contains the entire engine codebase as part of the project too. You’ll need to utilize Tomato software’s tool or Jetbrains Resharper C++ tool

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