Visual Studio immediately compiles to a hot reload dll

Hmm, problem was fixed after rebooting PC. I have no idea why this helped, while deleting all generated folders (Binaries, Intermediate, DerivedDataCache, Saved) and regenerating solution files didn’t work, but at least the issue doesn’t block me any longer. Hope this will help anyone else.

I’m on UE 4.14.3 precompiled and Visual Studio 2015. My Visual Studio is compiling my project into a what looks to be a hot reload dll. So instead of compiling a dll named UE4Editor-MyGame.dll, it compiles to UE4Editor-MyGame-[some number].dll, for example UE4Editor-MyGame-2131.dll.

I then get the message “UE4Editor-MyGame.dll is missing. Would you like to rebuild them now?”. When I press Yes, it then rebuilds to the normal location UE4Editor-MyGame.dll and starts correctly. But on subsequent build from Visual Studio it loads the hot reload file, which is even potentially outdated.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t compile to UE4Editor-MyGame.dll in the first place. I checked to make sure that the file isn’t read only. I also tried deleting that dll to make sure that Visual Studio can write to that location. I even tried deleting my Binaries and Intermediate folder for the game project and also all code plugins and regenerating the Visual Studio project files. This doesn’t help, it initially compiles to a hot reload dll again, so UE4Editor-MyGame-[some number].dll

Does anyone have some ideas of what can cause this and how to fix it?

I’ve had this issue before. The only reason that VS would compile hot reload dll’s is if it still detects that a UE4 editor process is running. It turned out that the UE4 editor didn’t shutdown (was stuck somehow) and was still running in the background (didn’t even have an icon in the task bar). I had to terminate the process in the Task Manager to solve this.


Thanks, that explains it perfectly and will save a lot of time if I encounter it again. :slight_smile:

Hello Zhi Kang Shao,

I’ve been encountering this for a while myself but never paid attention to it and recently found out the cause of it as well. I’ve entered a bug report for it so that we can get the issue looked at. The odd part is that it can even happen if you have other projects open, as long as they’re in the same engine version. You can find the bug report here: UE-40961

I was definitely working on two projects at the time as I was comparing something between the two projects. Glad to hear this bug on the radar.