Visual studio for linux and mac, preview i guess, released

Hey guys, check this out

cant wait for UE to work with this version of visual studio

This is web IDE as I understand. or just editor like notepad++ or atom. look like atom

It uses Electron, thus that whats Atom is made of.

All the news sites having a heading of “Microsoft ported Visual Studio to Mac and Linux” should be very ashamed. lol

Nice, now I need XCode for Win to complete my dev environment…

Just to clarify for others, this is visual studio CODE, not the IDE called Visual Studio.

Visual Studio (Community and Enterprise products) were also released.

If you are waiting for this to become a full blown IDE, for use with UE4, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

This is more akin to a halfway point between Notepad++, SCiTE, etc… and a full blown IDE.

I dont know ,

right now it debugs C# applicaiton ( v5 ) to be specific, with now .net going open sourced and if you look the docs you see it has C++ syntax highlighting . i could see this in future to become a replacement for VS community version.

keep in mind, this whole thing ( visual code ) has been written in node.js. you can actually decompile to see the source. which would mean this will be free product in future,

so you could see ( maybe a year or so down the road ) C++ projects support .

in Any way, this is a great step in a right direction!

Yea Visual Studio CODE won’t be something you will be wanting to use for development with Unreal Engine. As for the Visual Studio releases, they are release candidates and as much as I’d like to give them a whirl (immediately! lol) I’m holding off for feedback from others due to the problems that came with other previews late last year and early this year (for those that didn’t run it on a virtual machine had their .NET installs broken badly). Great news but too soon…