Visual Studio features

Hi, I’m starting right now, and I would like to know what packages of the Visual Studio are really the usefull ones for Ue4. (Complete installation are 10gb!).

I can see:

Blend for Visual Studio
Microsoft Foundation Classes for C++
Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools
Microsoft Web Developer Tools
Silverlight Development Kit

So, what is really needed to get it working perfectly within unreal editor?

Silverlight, sql, web tools… this ones are useless, isn’t it? Or am I wrong?.

Good news, you can disable all. :slight_smile: I for one only enabled Microsoft Foundation Classes for C++ because they are useful when creating Windows specific applications.

UE4 only needs VS compiler and VC++ runtime, thats only things required. UE4 got it’s own “foundation” classes and build utilities

Thanks for clarify it to me.

Thank you so much.