Visual Studio debugger is disconnected after opening a project?

Downloaded, Setup.bat, GenerateProjectFiles.bat, built UE4.sln with Debug Editor, Start Debugging.

Once I open a project, the debugger is disconnect?


Hey PowerDesign-

After running GenerateProjectFiles and the.sln is created - you must first build the engine in DevelopmentEditor before building in another solution configuration. After doing so you should be able to build in Debug Editor and continue as expected.


This happens because the editor is relaunching to open that project. It’s exiting and restarting. Just attach to the running exe after switching projects or use the command line options to specify the project you want to debug

Thank you , actually I did build Development Editor : )

Yeah, thanks!

That was because I was launching the editor from a pure engine solution.

It will be good if I “Refresh Visual Studio Project” in the editor and launch the editor from an engine+game solution.