Visual Studio Community 2015 is really free?

Hello everyone,

hope this is the correct section for this kind of post since this is not directly related to unreal.
I have installed for some time now (like a month or so) Visual Studio Community 2015. In the micro web it says is free but to my surprise i can’t use it anymore.
When i open it all i get is a window that says the 30-days evaluation period has expired and that i need to log in to buy a license…
Is this soft really free? Someone else with this problem? Any solution?


Just log in with your microsoft credentials, it is a register free to use AFAIK.

@tyoc213 so you say all i have to do is register a microsoft account and log in with it?

Basically this, But only for small commercial team.

You should still read the EULA and T&C’s


Thank you both of you. That worked. Didn’t know you had to log in in order to access it freely.

You don’t have to log in on the first use, You just get a thirty day “trial”.

If you have any skills of C# or SDL C++ programming just send me post only via pm?