Visual Studio Code - Setup help

Is there some official documentation or something that is well written out that can help someone configure VS Code properly for UE4 ?
I’ve followed this video: UE4 / Unreal Engine 4 Make a Game C++ Edition - #01 C++ VSCode Setup - YouTube and from Unreal Engine 4 i’ve generated the project files from the File > Refresh Visual Studio Code Project menu.
But while having the correct c++ and c# plugins and the workspace generated from UE i still get a faulty InstelliSense that can’t really understand the project structure and recommend proper autocomplete and the such.
What other resources can you guys provide for this and why is so hard to find any that again are a proper step by step guide.

Bump, I would also like to use VS Code, but have the same issues above

Bump #2, Intellisense does not seem to be well-suited for large codebases like UE4 in VS Code and Visual Assistant is only available for Visual Studio. Autocompletion is quite “OK” but error checking is not (as vlader08 said, Intellisense has a lot of trouble finding out the structure of a UE4 project).
Is there anybody who uses VS Code with proper Intellisense-like capabilities? I’d love to know of any way to NOT use Visual Studio. Thanks!

Try this:
1.Close all editor. UE4 and VS 2.Right click <*.uproject> file
3.use <generate visual studio project filse> button

  1. open VS, wait several seconds

This is for Visual Studio. I was asking about Visual Studio Code, which is different. Anyway, the project setup is not the issue here. I already did these steps for VS code, and the project files are detected, with autocompletion and everything. The problem is that the default Intellisense engine does not seem to be powerful enough to handle the UE4 codebase, so it is quite buggy and does not work all the time. Thank you for answering, though.