Visual Studio Code is not working at all with Unreal Engine

I made a topic in the Answerhub almost two weeks ago now and send in a bug report, however, because I didnt’ get any answer on both and the Answerhub is impossible to use for me (I can’t comment on anything, because when I hit “comment” it just says “you need to be logged in to comment”. I am logged in).
Here is the link:

These problems are still there:

  • When adding “MYPROJECT_API=” to the intellisense mode, in the header files, the MYPROJECT_API is still colored as if is a class name. I don’t know if this is just because the syntax highlighter is not working correctly or not.
  • I needed to add the path to /MinGW/include to both paths in the properties.json file
  • Even when including the Engine.h file in the header file, I know still have the problem, that all functions of the header file are marked (“member function declared with ‘override’ does not override a base class member”) and also the GENERATED_BODY() makro (“this declaration has no storage class or type specifier”) and also the extended class public UActorComponent (“incomplete type is not allowed”)

So it’s still impossible to work with VSC and Unreal Engine.

I have tested VSC on both, Mac and Windows 10. I recently re-set up Windows 10 on my computer and tested it again, with more or less the same results (see above), so I’m absolutly sure the problem is not on my end.

In your screenshots, it literally states you need to update your include path. Did you do that ?

I would also recommend checking out the Visual Assist plugin for Visual Studio. It makes intellisense lighting fast and has a lot of tools to make your life easier. The time you save is well worth the $100.

What should I add, that the errors go away?
Adding the path S:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.19\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Classes\Engine
does not help.
Even adding the Engine.h file at the beginning of the header file does not help in any way.
And when Epic Games claims that the Engine is supporting VSC, then it has to work out of the box without beeing forced to fix the project first.

Well, that still would be $100…
Is Visual Assist at least stable and doesn’t just stop working for no reason like IntelliSense?

Try switching the preferred code editor in UE 4 Editor to VSCode and then regenerate project files.

Nope, still same errors.
It also doesn’t matter which engine version I use.

Is someone here able to use VSC with Unreal with or without problems?

It’s now over one whole mounth that I have contacted the Unreal support and I haven’t recieved any answer from them.

There is currently a pull request that is pending merge that resolves these issues. Here is the link, it does unfortunately require you to rebuild the UBT from source but I can confirm it works.