Visual Studio Code extension for UnrealScript

Hi everyone!

As I occasionally find myself referring to old code that I’ve written, as well as sometimes poking at some old game mods, and such, I decided to do a little bit of tooling for Visual Studio Code, my new default editor, to deal with some UnrealScript.

There is an extension available: UnrealScript language for VSCode - Visual Studio Marketplace

And it’s open source, you can find the git repository here: GitHub - ericblade/vscode-unrealscript: Unrealscript language and grammar for Visual Studio Code

I don’t often get time to mess with it much, but I figure if there’s some people dedicated to UDK still, you might be interested in having a tool that you can improve upon, and I’d love to help.

Basically, right now, it just supports syntax highlighting and auto-detection of UCC (for ucc make) and UnrealEd (for creating an editor launch task) binaries.

Things it could really really use, if anyone wants to contribute:

  • Intellisense (i suspect that could mostly be lifted from Java, as I did with syntax highlighting, but I don’t really know Java, so I’m not entirely sure about that)
  • Ctrl-click on class names to open that file (that might come along with Intellisense, i’m not sure)
  • Ability to delete or rename a package before running ucc make (although you can define that in a task yourself, it’s always nice when the editor can handle the menial tasks for you)

… any other good ideas?

Oh thanks :slight_smile:

i cant download it : S asks me for a new app to open it but i have none to open with.

You need to install it from inside Visual Studio Code

how? morecharslimit

start code, go to the extensions tab, search unrealscript is the easy way. pretty sure you can do it with a command. if you installed vs code, though, it should auto associate vs extensions to it :-S

wow, over 600 installs. I guess there’s a few people who use Unrealscript still!!!