Visual Studio Built Problem + Unreal Editor Compile Problem

regarding first question : i quote mike here :

"There is a known issue here that we’re planning to address for Rocket but haven’t gotten to it yet. Basically, UE4 is designed for HUGE games that have hundreds of source files, so the out-of-the-box settings are configured to get the best possible full recompile times with huge game code bases.

What’s happening with your one-file change is that Unreal Build Tool is globbing together that source file into a combined file with the other code files in your module, and also not bothering to generate (and cache!) a precompiled header for your game source since they all fit within a single combined source file.

As a workaround, to get the faster iterative times with small changes, please try the adding the following lines inside your game module’s Build.cs (MyGame.Build.cs):

MinFilesUsingPrecompiledHeaderOverride = 1;
bFasterWithoutUnity = true;
This will turn off combining of source files, and also tells Unreal Build Tool to always create a precompiled header, which will yield very fast iteration times.

Beyond this, we are also making changes to make Unreal Build Tool startup much more quickly.

Let us know how it goes.


regarding to your second question: i think the purpose of the hot-code-swapping is not to declare new functions and add behavior but rather to make it possible to try game logic and playing around with variable values etc without having to close and reopen editor. !

maybe that helps you understand it better !

Visual Studio Built Problem:
This is not really a problem but more of “why does it work this way?” question:

So given a normal c++ c# or whatever project when you built the project you can run it immediately
so long as you dont change the code yet in Unreal projects even you built your project and Press Ctrl F5
to start it, it will built the project again and then start it.

Now the built time is not that long but it shouldnt even happen(there is nothing to be “up to date”) and open the project immediately.

Unreal Editor Compile Problem:
Now after a bit of fooling around in the Unreal Editor and its “built in” compiler supposedly allowing for compilation
on runtime and eliminating the need for closing and reopening the editor i found out that while it does compile changes done in the .cpp files, it will pop an error if you change the .h files (conflict error).
I can kind of understand why the header files must not change but it still defeats the whole feature as to declare a new function properly you will have to edit the header file as well…