Visual Studio - Additional Include Directories - Can't find "Linker"

Hello, I’m trying to follow these directions below:

The Problem:
C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include Directories and Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies are only available under the “Shipping_Game” configuration, and I’m working in the “Development_Editor” configuration.

Is there a way to view these options under “Development_Editor”? Or does it make a difference if it’s under Shipping_Game at all?


Its more complicated then that because UE4 doesn’t use Visual Studios build system for anything else then starting the build. Take a look f.e. here:

Ok, so I should:

Put Photon-cpp and Common-cpp into the ThirdParty folder (Engine) and call it from there.

I also noticed that the link you mentioned references: “Filter through to Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Code Generation > Runtime Library”

But we don’t have C/C++ > Code Generation as an option.

Can you tell me what I’m missing?

Those instructions from the Photon documentation that you have quoted are not suitable for an Unreal Engine 4 project, as Unreal Engine 4 uses it’s own build system, where you set up such settings, as others have already mentioned.

For instruction and an example on how to add Photon to an Unreal Engine 4 project please have a look at
and at

I’ve seen those links, is it possible that the current version of Photon just isn’t compatible with UE 4.6?

It seems like both of those links are highly out of date.

It could also explain why there aren’t any tutorials for setting up Photon and Unreal.

What makes you think it is? The current version is perfectly compatible with UE4.6.

You’ve just copied the instructions I’ve mentioned above. Unfortunately they are inapplicable to UE 4.6.

SDK documentation

It’s not really out of date. “Refer to each SDK’s docs for proper inclusion and linking!” simply was always misleading for UE4, not just for 4.6.

I Think the best is when you just have a look at how the Photon UE4 demo in the zip package provided at the second link does it.
Inside that pacakge ./Source/PhotonDemoParticle/PhotonDemoParticle.Build.cs cares about telling UE4 where to find the Photon headers and libs.

I see. I was looking at the Particle Demo that came with the SDK like any sane person would do – not the one by BertelMonster.

Well it loads in 4.7. Let’s see if it works in 4.7.