Visual Studio 2017 - NETFXSDK path in ue4.sln

Recently Master was patched to be compatible with VS2017. But for some reason, on my system project got generated w/o path to NETFX (both, include and libs). It’s required by UnrealLightmass.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\NETFXSDK\4.6.1

Now is not a part of paths in the project.
I was able to add paths manually, but I feel that this may be a non-proper solution (I have no clue how NMAKE works).

As well, VS now has no default include paths (“VC++ Derictories editing in Tools > Options has been deprecated.” says vs).

Hi S-ed,

I pulled down a copy of the Master branch yesterday, and built the Engine and Unreal Lightmass using Visual Studio 2017 RC. I then made a code project, also using VS 2017 RC, and built lighting for the project in the Editor, which completed without any problems.

Would you be able to provide more information about the project you are seeing this issue in? Do you get the same results with a brand new project? Where exactly are you expecting to see the path for the NETFXSDK?

Hope You haven’t vs2015 installed, since it the will use it’s libraries instead.

  1. Pulled clean ue4 source master branch
  2. run Setup.bat
  3. run GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2017 -CurrentPlatform -NoShippingConfigs
  4. open UE4.sln
  5. open \Engine\Source\Editor\SwarmInterface\Private\SwarmInterface.cpp


  1. compile UnrealLightmass project

I expect to not to see "cannot open source file “metahost.h”. So for path I guess it would be nice to have it near other include/Libs:

I was actually testing this on my office computer, which has VS 2015 installed. I’ll have to see if I can get a clean system to test on. Thank you for the additional information, that should help a lot.

I have exactly the same problem.

the metahost.h path seems to be missing. Interestingly, I have two versions of the file, because I have two versions of the NETFXSDK, 4.6.1 and 4.6.2.

I noted that there is a macro for NETFXSDKDir in the macros, but I don’t see where it is set as a path anywhere. One would think that would be found in the property sheets for the project UE4.

For now I’ll add it to the necessary property sheets for the configs I’m working with, but that seems like it is a problem.

…unless you guys just patched it moments ago… :slight_smile:


Nope. Still not fixed.
Sad thing, 4.14 still require vs2015 to generate project files.

Nope. I’m on master, but it’s working fine now, don’t know since when precisely. Probably should be closed.

Hi S-ed,

Sorry for the delay here. I just tested this again on a Windows 10 machine that only has Visual Studio 2017 installed (it has never had VS 2015 on it). I left it to build UnrealLightmass over night (it is not a very powerful machine, and is not connected to our internal build farm), and there were no warnings or errors in the build when I checked it this morning. If you are still experiencing problems with this, what components do you have in your VS 2017 installation?

Since UE4 been finally ported to VS2017 this topic may be closed.

Posting for the benefit of those running into the same situation today. This question was a top Google search result for my problem. For myself, I needed to compile 4.17 on a machine with VS2017. And for the life of me I couldn’t get it to work. It kept saying that it couldn’t find metahost.h.

But here’s the trick. Run the command “GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2017”. This will give you a Visual Studio 2017 solution for the Engine.

After I did that, all my compilation errors disappeared.