Visual Studio 2017 and UE4

So, I recently got UE4 again, and for coding with C++, VS 2017 is required. I do have Visual Studio 2017 installed on my PC. However, in the wiki it’s mentioned that I have to install an Unreal Engine Installer package when I’m about to install VS 2017. So, in that case, do I have to delete the launcher AND UE4 and get the package via VS 2017?! Please do mention any way around this, as I really don’t want to go through the installation again. Thanks to all users who respond in advance! :slight_smile:

Just start the VS 2017 installer again, then click the modify button. You’ll be able to install more packages easily.

So I’ll have uninstall VS 2017 once again?

Okay, so I hit the modify button. However, there is no UE4 Installer package there under Desktop development with C++ still.

i think its in “game development” category