Visual Studio 2015

Didn’t see anything about it here, thought I would mention it.

Has anyone tried it out with UE4 yet?

I have asked that very thing today. I have seen VS2015 has been released today and I have downloaded Unreal Engine 4.8.
However I don’t know whether its compatible with UE4, or should I install VS2013??..

If you don’t have VS2013 installed it won’t work, since build chain of UE4 still uses old binaries (libs), for VC++ 2013 compiler.

It will work with full VS2015 toolchain in 4.9 though (or so it seems many libs are updated for it on github).

Yeah the 4.9 have updated source and libs for VS2015.

Ahh awesome. Atleast we know support is coming.

Lets hope 4.9 release is swift haha

Anyone actually managed, compile 4.9 in new VS 2015 ? It looks like GenerateProjectFiles batch is still using only 2011, 2013 env.