Visual Studio 2015 / TFS Workflow

I have a question regarding workflow within a Visual Studio 2015 / TFS environment. I am looking for a clear understanding as to which files / folders can be excluded from source control and also if the solution will work in both server and offline mode. My manager refuses to work with GIT and is needing a TFS setup. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and courtesy.

I apologize in advance if I posted this under the incorrect category

The best approach (personally speaking) is the following. Have all developers rebuild their VS project files locally, and add these folders to source control:

  • Config
  • Content
  • Source
  • the .UProject File

All clients should right-click and build their project files locally. If you also have other people working on the project who don’t have Visual studio or have no reason to build, I would also include the .dll files in ‘Binaries’ and make them always writeable. The latter part is easy to do in perforce, not so sure about whatever source you’re using.

Use Perforce or GIT, whatever is more comfortable for your team. You’ll all regret it otherwise, the engine has native integrations for both (and Subversion if you want it), and so does Visual Studio and you WILL need it with engine content. If the manager refuses, tell them forcefully they’re making more work for themselves.

I find it even better to do similar to this, but only submit the Development Editor .dll (i.e. the ProjectName.dll in Binaries folder), and leave the rest not submitted. That way, programmers can build the DebugGame, DebugGame Editor, etc .dlls without having to check out or submit anything, and when you want to give something to the artists, you have to manually check out the Development Editor .dll, which is a nice step to have to prevent accidents.