Visual Studio 2015 breaks 4.14.1?

I tried setting up Visual Studio 2015 in 4.14.1, but every time I start coding in it, Unreal crashes and I’m never able to open it again. It gives me the “Unable to load module” error. It works in 4.13.2, however. Does anyone else have this problem?

4.14.1 works fine with Visual Studio 2015 here.

How did you migrate your project from 4.13.2? Also, did 4.14.1 work in Visual Studio 2013? I’m wondering why you seem to believe the problem is with the IDE.

I also have the same issue in 4.14.1. When I try to add a new C++ class to my Project, the engine shows me the same issue. Even If I want to create a new C++ blank Project, the engine still crashes and shows me a warning message about missed “.h” modules.