Visual Studio 2010 support?

I’ve installed UE 4.6.1 just for the first look. Unfortunately, when I tried to create a new C++ project, the editor didn’t allow me to do this, because VS 2013 is not installed. I can’t install VS 2013 due to Windows service packs issues (too long story), but VS 2010 is already presented. Any chance to explore UE C++ features on that machine using VS 2010? Maybe, create the project on another machine, move it to mine then start VS manually or something?

I’m wondering why at all it’s coupled so tight to VS (not GCC for instance).

VS2010 is not supported and never will be, in fact they’re phasing out support for 2012 too. If your Windows install is so poorly broken that it can’t detect the correct service pack being installed then maybe it’s time to reformat?

They’re working on Clang for Windows support but is probably way off from being officially supported.

Thank you, I’ll use yet another HDD for a new Windows installation.

BTW, how poor the performance would be, if a virtual machine is used? I mean, I’ve heard it’s already slow enough :slight_smile:

It will not perform at all. There is no VM capable enough right now.