Visual studio 17 and Unreal unbearably slow

Hello everyone , a few days ago i started a c++ blank project in Unreal and noticed that every time i open the project i have to wait about 15-20 mins for visual studio to parse all the include files and then the first rebuild might take up to 10 mins.I should also not that i am using IWYU , according to Unreal’s article to speed up things.If i had to mention though the worst thing because i have seen that these times are more or less expected is having Visual Studio in a state where it is “Stuck”.

The workflow i am following right now, which proves the most effective is

  1. Make classes through Unreal’s editor wizard,
  2. close the editor,
  3. Work and rebuild in visual studio
  4. Open and test in the editor.
    I have to mention also that usually building/rebuilding eats away my ssd space due to being used for virtual memory resulting sometimes to the errors in the image


.Finally i 'd like to mention that i am using Visual studio 2017, Unreal 4.20, Resharper and my visual studio is installed in my ssd drive and Unreal in an HDD.

Any tips on how to improve performance are more than welcome!Thanks in advance!

Resharper is the cause of all that. I’ve been trying to get it to not parse all the Unreal Engine files, but without any luck so far. Seems like the only way to fix it is to disable Resharper, which is something that I don’t want to do since the extended intellisense is super useful.

Hopefully you found a fix for it by now…