Visual Scripting Set/Get float value help!

I have been using UE for a while and I am trying to make my own game. I watched a tutorial video on YouTube and I noticed that on the guy’s Blueprint the ‘Set’ command had a second green circle which I guess is ‘Get’ command but I didn’t find it on my Unreal Engine. Here is a photo:

As you can see it’s missing on my Event graph but on his, it’s there and I am not able to finish it. My version of Unreal Engine is 4.6. Please tell me if you know why is it not there! Is there any way to ‘enable’ it or is it just not available in my version of UE?

Hmm are you sure you are using a current version of UE4? It was added in 4.8.something I believe. Most current to date is 4.9.2

EDIT: stupid me can’t read :stuck_out_tongue: …yeah you need to upgrade in order to get that extra pin. OR simply use an additional Get-Node :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply!:slight_smile:

Yep 4.7 that feature was added in