Visual Quality Voxel Farm + Unreal

I’ve been interested in playing around with Unreal Engine. Want to toy around with maybe making a mini game or something but I was looking at some videos on youtube and came across voxel farm + unreal. Now the unreal engine by itself looks so amazing, but it seems like once this voxel farm gets implemented, the terrain detail goes to **** almost. Is this because of using voxel farm? From the Voxel Farm website the graphics seem to look better, but thats inside their own voxel engine from the looks of it.

Also wanted to know if there is anything other than Voxel farm, maybe something thats free? I havent been able to locate anything as of yet. Is voxel the only option for terrain deforming when in game?

Thanks. | About PolyVox Voxel Terrain - Volumes Of Fun and what you are looking for is terrain editing in runtime right? Google is the best Tool of all. Best of Luck :slight_smile:

They stopped production of Cubiquity in favour of their new Cubiquity 2 - but, as far as I can tell, they are keeping it completely under wraps. They don’t tweet or blog often, and even more rarely about the topic. It was because of their lack of inaction that I ended up with a Voxel Farm license…and THAT has been a chore - but I might have some info that could help you on the topic…give me a few and I’ll find it…

OK, I re-read the info. What the issue boils down to, is that after I put in the heightmaps, layer information, map, etc into Voxel Farm and then imported it into Unreal, I discovered my best solution was to dive deep, deep, into the blueprints to find the texture files that were being used in the version that came back from Voxel Farm and replace them with the originals, or higher resolution originals. Voxel Farm appears to lose a certain degree of fidelity - but that might just be part and parcel of the voxelisation process.

Let me know if you have any luck. I’ve sidelined that part of it on the games I have that need it until I can find a simple working solution - but I also see that some developers are taking a significant look into making it possible in Unreal to modify the actual landscape, and not just a big mesh, at runtime. I’m watching that one like a hawk.