Visual problem on rotating view, scene become unclear, not sharp, and game become unusable

All fast moving objects and whole map on view direction changing, become unsharp and kinda blured, like in cinema with 24 fps!
In UT4 I have try change all settings, all checkboxes combinations, but nothing helps.
When i stop moving, everyting is sharp, clear, and solid. When i srafe left-right, distant objects still seen clear and sharp.
But if i change view direction - everyting, behind HUD, become smoothed and kinda… miraged, like i have low fps. Or like i am drunk.
My fps is 60 on middle settings, and 52-54 on ful epic settingds, i check it by “stat fps”.
I cant clearly see fast moving objects, and that kills gameplay totally!
Im like a drunk, all that moves, becomes unsharp and ALLMOST NOT RECOGNISABLE!
I search game options with words like “blur” and turn them off, but nothing helps, game is unplayable.
Please help me, i cant play new version of my belowed UT!

Btw my PC:
windows 7 x64
ati radeon r9 380, 2gb vram.
“Amd phenom 2, model 945”, 4 cores, overcklocked till 3500,
16 gb of RAM in ganged dual chennel mode.