Visual Novel Template

Route 1:

Making your own story come to life is now easier with Visual Novel Template. But why use this Visual Novel Template instead of other generic VN programs? You are not limited to an engine that can only make VN’s. You can make a match-3, SRPG, FPS, or even use it for a top down roguelike game! The creation is only limited to your imagination with the power of Unreal Engine.

Visual Novel Template uses it’s own built in systems. Such as a story branching system that depends on player choices. This allows you to make endless routes and multiple endings. An on demand command system that can be customized and make your scene more dynamic. Change the background and/or music without touching the blueprint and many more.

With Visual Novel Template you can make your story come to life! Scripting is done easily in Unreal Engine and can be played out of the box once you add your scripts and characters.

Technical Details:
This project was built on a standalone project, but can easily merge into an existing project.

List of features:

  • 100% Blueprinted and commented.
  • Easy to add scripts.
  • Branching storyline.
  • Built in player choice system that is kept track of.
  • Custom commands to use on demand to add more to your scenes.
  • Control which side character should appear. (No code/blueprint needed)
  • Easy to change characters and expressions. (No code/blueprint needed)
  • Easy to change background and music. (No code/blueprint needed)
  • Automatically switches between character dialog or narrator dialog.
  • Typewriter effect and skip text feature.
  • Auto skip your text.
  • Show log.
  • Save and Load feature.
  • Pause Menu.
  • Easy to customize.

Future updates:

  • Tutorial on how to use when released.


  • 2 Character Sprites with 3 expressions each
  • 5 Backgrounds
  • 2 Textboxes
  • 3 Sound FX
  • 2 Music Files

Route 2:

Here is a SRPG project I was working on before that uses an unpolished version of this system. But due to lack of artist the game is now on hold.


Added two new features show log and auto skip.

If there is a feature you think I’m missing let me know!

What you have so far seems really good. Is there an estimated release date and price point, because I’d like to try this out (If it is paid, 'll try to buy it)

Here is just a quick example of migrating into a top down genre.

Sorry for the late reply. I was busy working on updating it and trying to get it as user-friendly as possible because of that the price well be high. No more then $50. It’s also a dialog system for other genres if your not into Visual Novels. The cost isn’t just for the the blueprints but my support as well since it can be implemented in many ways. As mention, this system works in multiple genre and I’m trying to make that as easy as possible to setup as well. As for a release date is unknown because I still have to make tutorials on how to use it. Which for me is actually harder then scripting.

I’d also like to know what the community think is a fair price. I’m also an avid marketplace buyer and I do think $50 is expensive but also as a author I feel that I put a lot of work into it(even if it was too much for its own good).