Visual Novel Template Support

Visual Novel Template now released on the Marketplace!

New feature added to Unreal 4.16! Visual Novel Addon! Add dialogue to any actor!

You can make your own VN games with much ease, but don’t stop there. You can also make use of the dialog in any type of genre as well!

If you have any question or comments or find a bug please let me know and I’ll get to you as soon as possible.

Visual Novel Template Tutorial Video

Get it here!

Is it possible to activate and deactivate a short movie clip (*.avi, *.mp4, …) in your template?

Is it possible to include statistics (reputation, gold, …) in your template?

Hi, you can play videos and display stats anytime. You just need to setup a custom command for your dialog. What is custom command? Basically it is a command in your dialog that allows you to make your scene dynamic. For example… I want to make a camera shake during a certain part. So I’ll add a custom command called “shake” which is link by a camera shake. Now in my dialog I’ll just type in “/shake/Get under the table its a earthquake!”. The screen will shake while playing this dialog. Custom commands allow you to add whatever you can that is limited to Unreal Engine. Of course you’ll need a bit of knowledge of blueprinting to get what you want but if you need help with anything just ask me and I’ll help you out.

Thank you very much for your fast reply.

Could you release a tutorial video of your template?

I’m a bit busy this week but I’ll try to make one in a day or two, but I’ll definitely make it.

Tutorial for adding characters and dialog.

When I have more time I’ll make more tutorials.

Just sent a update to Unreal 4.16 with a new feature. The update will go live very soon.

Added a new feature to add dialogue to any actor and not just for Visual Novel Games.