Visual Novel (and Rich Text Block & Othello) Tutorial

Hi guys, so I made a visual novel tutorial using Not Yet’s free dialogue plugin. The tutorial is by no means perfect, but we have characters that can move around on screen, 2D and 3D backgrounds with transitions, music, voices, saving and loading, history, a Codex system, Othello and AI working.

While making it, we also deal with using the Rich Text Block and having it automatically style our words for us so we don’t have to type style tags all the time, and getting it to type itself out like a typewriter effect. Those are actually my most viewed videos so I thought I’d make a special note of it in the title of this post.

The playlist is here…GurxLZuzOfVfHd

And this is the link to Not Yet’s plugin post…qQWBpEBPknwFkB

This brilliant. Exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks :slight_smile:

Np, hope it helps

Can I still do something like <span color="#555555">Hi</span>?
Because I want to change it at runtime.

Nice to see a base project for this style of game. The visual novel style can also be used inside other game types. You can for example have a standard rpg that uses a visual novel style of play for some of the quests etc to kind of blend game types and get different experiences. There are lot’s of other examples of how to use this in other game types to change things up. I have seen this done in mmorpg games for events and such. So even if you don’t want to make an entire game in this one style it can easily be used to do interesting things in whatever project you have going on.

Now we can thanks to Acren’s plugin

Thanks for the link.

I have done similar by copying and renaming the RichTextBlock and RichTextBlockDecorator from 4.19 into the C++ project.

Series is done now unless I forgot something. If anyone has any request for what they want to see me do next, let me know. I talk about what I want to do at the end of the last video.