Visual Logging Documentation Errors

The following documentation for Visual Logging states that GrabDebugSnapshot is a function on AActor, when it is not.
In order to override GrabDebugSnapshot you must first inherit from the following interface IVisualLoggerDebugSnapshotInterface.

The code block included is also incorrect, because calling Super::GrabDebugSnapshot will not work, since ACharacter doesn’t implement this interface.

The documentation should be updated to fix these issues.

Thank you!

Hey erebel55! Thanks for reaching out to us. I’ve passed this feedback along so we can take a closer look and update the Visual Logger doc. Please let us know if you spot anything else that looks off.

Hey erebel55! We’ve drafted a fix for this. The fix should go live in a few days once it’s published. Thanks again!

Oh good. I will stop wasting any more time on trying to use this and wait for an updated guide. Or is it possible to see the draft somewhere?

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: