Visual issues with skeletal mesh when it is physical simulated

Hi everyone!)

I have a small question about physics - I have a test car mesh with a physical asset that has a collision for the main body of the car, doors, trunk, etc., but has no constants. In the future, I want to be able to enable simulation for the parts of the car to fall off. But the problem is that when I simulate only the main part of the car (root), the positions of the other parts seem to be 1 tick behind… Although the collision of these parts works fine.

Maybe someone faced a similar problem? Have any ideas how to fix this?

(I use my custom car movement system and therefore I will need the main part of the car to be physically simulated)

Edit: I forgot to indicate a strange detail - if you remove the collision of the door and put it for the car, then the door will no longer lag behind. As a result, it turns out that the problem is only with those parts that have a collision, but the simulation is turned off.