Visual issues with moving an object using a line trace

Hey everyone, I’m currently using a line trace every frame to move an object around (i.e. on tick I’m setting the location of my sphere to wherever my line trace ends), but the result isn’t very smooth and lags behind the the players camera movements by a bit. I’ve seen many tutorials that ignore this issue, but I want this to be a core mechanic for game so id like to make it smoother.

One idea is to make the sphere attached to the camera component and a spring arm which makes it very smooth and nice to look at but then I lose the information that comes with a line trace (impact location etc). Another issue is I want to be able to do an unlimited amount of spheres being moved in different circumstances, and that seems really hard to do without a line trace.

Examples of line trace and camera component movement: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Any ideas on how to make it smoother or look more appealing?