[Visual/Graphical BUG] Blueprint Animating Mesh went haywire

Build Version: 4.7.5
Branch: Binary, from Launcher
OS: Windows 7, school lab computer

I don’t know how to describe it in words, so here’s a picture:

It is reproducible.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open UE4.
  2. Create a C++ subclass of APawn.
  3. Subclass of APawn must have either USphereComponent or UBoxComponent, and USkeletalMeshComponent.
  4. Add all necessary functions and use FObjectInitializer to CreateDefaultSubobject for each components.
  5. Create a blueprint that derives from this C++ subclass. That’s how I got the components to be inherited.
  6. I don’t know why the inherited components cannot be changed/modified in the blueprints, as technically blueprints are subclasses of the C++ subclass of APawn. Unless I am mistakened…
  7. Make sure blueprint has skeletal mesh component.
  8. Make sure blueprint collision component.
  9. Make sure blueprint collision component is root component.
  10. Make sure the blueprint skeletal mesh component is child of root component.
  11. Create an animating skeletal mesh component.
  12. Check to make sure the skeletal mesh component in the blueprint is animating.
  13. If yes, select the root component. In my case, I selected BoxCollision (image top left).
  14. In the Details pane on the very right, it should be completely empty.
  15. In the Details pane, click on top right corner, “Open Selection in Property Matrix”.
  16. In the Property Matrix, on the right you should see something like this:

  1. Change the “None” in the BoxCollision component to Sphere Collision, like this:

  1. This will make BoxCollision properties appear in the Details pane.
  2. Save all.
  3. Go back to the Blueprint.
  4. At the top left, click on the BoxCollision (inherited).
  5. On your right, expand the Box Collision properties.
  6. Expand the Transform category.
  7. Tick Absolute Location to ENABLED.
  8. Play around the Relative Scale 3D. I chose to use the Z axis.
  9. CTRL+Z. (Must use keyboard hotkey)

There you go.

List item

Hey Asperatology,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. I have submitted a report to our developers for additional review. If for any reason you need to reference this bug report, please refer to: UE-13880

Also, in order for us to replicate your exact issue, could you please provide us with the code class that sets up your pawn? It’ll be the subclass of APawn.


I can’t seem to upload an attachment to Answerhub.

Pastebin for:

CPP: [PersonCharacter.cpp - Pastebin.com][1]
H: [PersonCharacter.h - Pastebin.com][2]

PersonCharacter.cpp - Pastebin.com
[2]: PersonCharacter.h - Pastebin.com

Thank you Asperatology for providing us with the code classes you used. I have uploaded those files to our bug report for the developers to look at more closely. I will update you as soon as I hear back regarding this issue. You’re more than welcome to contact us as well, if you ever have a question on the status.