Visual glitches?

UE4 has startet to get visual glitches, it it my Graphics card or is it UE4?
Can someone help me?

RTX 3080 Nvidia card
Intel Core i11
64 GB ram

Try this registry change, you need to reboot:

and / or

turn off G-SYNC in the NVIDIA system settings

I did that, I still get the same glitch

Ah, sorry…

but it only happens in 1 of my projects, but not in UE5, is UE4 not supported 100% by rtx 3080 cards?

I thought Epic and Nvidia were tight.

It’s just I see that problem a lot, and about 50% of the time, that’ s the answer.

Afraid I don’t know much more on that…

But do you know way my UE4 start to flicker crazy on my screen after using it for 1 hour, but OBS can’t see that and it didn’t happen on my second screen?
Is that my screen driver for my graphic card?

It could be a driver issue. Main things to try are

  1. update totally


  1. roll back to the ‘studio’ driver ( safe version )

ok, thank for the help

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