Visual glitches with brush objects (geometrically modified)

Hi everyone,

This thread is probably in the wrong place, and I failed to find one that deals with this exact problem that I’m having but gotta start somewhere :).

This is actually a recurring issue, so I’ll try to describe it as simply as I can.

I made a pillar out of one brush object (box), lets say it has about 6 different splits that were then shaped using the pen tool.

When this pillar is placed against another brush object (box), unmodified, a portion of this object (where the pillar is covering it) becomes invisible; as if that one portion of it had a “deductive” visibility option (or whatever is opposite of additive).

I can’t imagine this issue not been mentioned before, so if anyone can point me in any direction - thank you in advance.


I moved your thread to content creation.

Could you probably post a picture of your problem? :slight_smile:

That’s how BSP works, when you put brushes together it creates new geometry without the part that intersects.


Aye, here is a butchered brush next to a generic box, you can see the gap where the background is showing through.

, I sure hope this is not how geometry objects are supposed to work in UE, cause that’s just someone bad idea of a joke.

Hi tbob418,

Can you post this to **AnswerHub **in the Bug Reports section? This way we can assign this to one of the support staff to look into. I’m fairly certain this is a known issue though which has been reported.

If you convert the BSP to static mesh I believe it will resolve the issue, but it won’t be editable any longer like BSP though.

Hi ,

I posted about it in the Bug Report, we’ll see what happens.

Converting to a static mesh does work, but also, as you said, it’s obviously no longer editable; which is not necessarily an issue when/if you know you are done with editing…


It shouldn’t be missing polygons like that, it should just get rid of the part that’s not visible, so that’s probably a bug.

This was already reported with UE-12157.




Not a solution but an answer.

Thank you.