Visual Distinction Between Copy and Ref Get Nodes

Only a small one this, but I thought it would be a minor productivity improvement if you could tell the difference between copy and ref ‘get’ nodes by looking at them. Currently the only way to tell which type they are is by hovering over them and reading the tooltip.


Would you be able to elaborate/give an example on which nodes you mean?

When getting an element from an array, the get node looks the same whether it’s a get copy or a get ref node. See screenshot below. The top one is a get copy node and the bottom one is a get ref node. They’re identical in appearance.

The white boxes are the tooltips, which are the only way it’s possible to distinguish between the two types of get node, and you have to pick out a fairly small difference in what the text says to do so.

Even if it just has different grey text on it it would be easier to immediately see which type it was (see my crudely edited version below).

They’re not identical. Note the shape of the pin - this is true for all things by-ref in UE4. (apart from objects which are always by ref)


diamond - ref
circle - value

Ah, the out pin is a different shape as well. That sure is a bloody subtle difference.

However when you return array/map/set as reference then it looks like array returned by copy. Would be nice if arrays and other types had diamond icon too.

Depending on screen size + dpi on screen might be hard to notice the diamond shape :3
I think they could at least enlarge it a little and maybe change its color.

Ill have a look into enlarging the ref icon and the output icon for the Get Ref node to actually be a diamond icon.

Thanks, Gheist.

No, please, don’t change the color. It says which type the variable is. The shape of a diamond is perfect since the difference is not so big.