Visual communication of Bluepring Node Reference with a staic Image seems Ambiguous.

Please excuse me, and correct me where I am technically mistaken as I am new to UE4 blueprinting.

I’ve noticed that people are communicating their wonderful blueprint designs by visually providing an image of the blueprint (In the forums, etc.).

It seems that I am having trouble locating certain Nodes because I can’t correctly identify there type.

Please see 4th Node from the right on the top. It is labeled “SunColor

What is it ? AND How can I identify Node types using only info provided in the Blueprint Image(s) ?

Also please, what is the first one from left to right on the bottom ? Title=“Tiling”

I know I should just learn them all… But wouldn’t that not kinda mean that I should just learn everything to begin with ?

Am I missing something, this might be a common sense issue. (If there is such a thing). Or is it more fundamental than that ?



Thanks for the help,

Yeah the material nodes could certainly use some standard names attached to them instead of only whatever the user puts in.


I thought I was losing my mind.

This is the best product on the market in my opinion.

These type things look to be design issue(s). Seems like you would want meta-data elements like type id’s on nodes ? That way you could identify different ones.

But, then again, Why would anyone care ?

Just do it like you do everything else in life. “Look for It

For me, 99.8% of everything I do in life, is just “Looking for it

And “IT” always seems to be some type tool thingy I’m hunting.

In the case you cited, it actually does have an indication of what kind of node it is. It’s a ‘Param’ node named ‘SunColor’ with default value (10.0,4.0,0.1,1.0).

Params are values that can be overridden in material instances based on this material, or driven at runtime by Matinee or Blueprints (

In general, many material and Blueprint nodes use a similar two-line header. The second line will indicate what kind of node it is, or the type of the Target pin it should be called on (for Blueprints), and the first line will be the ‘defining’ thing about that node, such as the name you’d reference elsewhere, or the name of the function being called.

Michael Noland


Thank you ! UE4 Is a wonderful product !

That made a big difference. However, actually It is a “VectorParameter” Which I found after looking for quite some time.

Example: Let [A1] be a reference to the provided description.
If you will look at the Nodes Labeled “Texture Sample” and try to find the exact [A1] = “Material Expression Texture Sample” you will still
have difficulty finding the correct one. The [A1] description cannot be known until the node is selected.

These type issues are logical classification and/or Abstraction design issues which should be resolved during the design phase.

Most all software everywhere is riddled with these general quality deficiencies of various types throughout the software’s logic levels. It’s something we should all struggle to rise above.
I think UE4 is a wonderful tool and the best product available.

And this problem is not as important as some others, that’s why it exists to begin with.

I really believe we all want to do better.
However, we must live with what we cannot rise above.