Visual Assist vs. ReSharper ?

Hi everyone,

i am using Visual Assist for a lot of years now. Since ReSharper got some major Updates to ist UE4 Capabilities i was wondering if anyone of you has some experience with both or made a switch lately and can give some insights about the Pros and Cons of both solutions.


I haven’t used VAX so I can’t compare but as a user of JetBrains other products (Webstorm, PyCharm, IntelliJ, Android Studio) it is very easy to pickup Resharper. Resharper had some major issues with indexing before but now the indexing is fast. The latest versions are also fully UE4 aware for things like UFUNCTION/UPROPERTIES and generete implementation for Client/Server tagged functions.

VAX is also aware of UE4 tagged properties and can add Client/Server tagged functions.

In general I am quite happy with Visual Assist. Things which could be better in my opinion are:

  • Startup could be much faster
  • The Arrow Below an Type, for example a Function is sometime hard to click since its changing positions often or does not appear sometimes
  • Also Suggestions while writing are sometimes a little slow or not updating till you delete the “,” or “(” and rewrite it
  • More Intellisense warnings while writing code

But i have to admit, i only changed very little in the Visual Assist settings.

Anyone else have a real 1 to 1 experience ?