Visual AI creation in Game

Hi all , currently i have an idea that is floating in my head , which is " letting player make their own AI behavior" i was thinking on how can i do so , for instance player has their own spawn unit , and its up to them to visually code their AI’s behavior of that said unit ,i know its possible to do so , but is there any topics , tutorials or any leads on information that i can get to help me make this into an actual working prototype? and yes this should be done via in game method its why i am currently looking for a way to do so.

any information or help regarding information is greatly appreciated, while i browse the web for leads on such information hopefully i can get a proper grasp or idea on how to properly make it.

and yes this is in unreal engine still, just trying to grasp the main whole idea on how to make and do it as a sample project for me and a bit of research as well.

It depends on how complex you want that AI to be. You can use a simple “If X then Y” system like Final Fantasy 12 did with the Gambit system. Roblox has a simple scripting system for behaviors IIRC. You can look at Microsofts SPARK game which was meant to do something similar, same with Little Big Planet and their creation tools.

Thanks for the info will be looking at it later