Visrez are looking for an Unreal Developer for an Oculus Gear VR application.

Visrez are the global leader in 3D Visualisation for the hospitality industry with clients in over seventy countries.

We want to build an Oculus application which will allow our products to be experienced in an immersive VR environment.

We are looking for experienced developers with a track record in creating VR applications using Unreal engine.

Brief is available here:

To make contact please email:

Thanks !

I’m not sure I get it. You’re looking for an Unreal 4 developer to build a Gear VR application, but your brief refers to using provided assets that are what I assume to be 360 degree photographs. What exactly is Unreal 4 being used for?

This looks totally up our alley and I’d love to chat more with you about the project. Are you open to working with a remote team or were you thinking of having someone in house?