Visible to scenecapture but not visible in game?

Seems like a simple enough ask, but apparently decivingly so.

Owner no see only affects the owner, so anything that doesn’t directly belong to the player/camera will be rendered regardless.

Hidden in game cause the item not to be visible in the scene capture at all.

How would you guys go about this?

Custom stencil leaves out an halo, so it can’t be used to mask the item even if the deferred pass can be used to get the correct view without the item.

There is a portal view thing on the marketplace that does something like this.
Might be worth a look: Portal - Another reality

Sounds interesting but a bit excessive to hide particle trails.
For now I ended up just making an area detection that adds whoever is near the player to the camera as owner.

I might keep them paired that way.
As you see more NPCs you will have less particles visible on the map overall.
I could and probably should also make it so that the particles are completely transparent unless the AI is in the player range, but if I don’t It makes for some interesting tracking…

Either way thanks for the reference. Its definitely something worth looking at.
my guess is that in cpp you have more control over channels, from what I was reading anyway.

‘OwnerOnlySee’ should work. Just use “SetOwner” on the actors you want to render in the capture and set the owner as the capture actor…

Thats a good idea actually. Work the opposite of what i have so that you can’t possibly ever see the particles…
I’ll try that

Nop. Absolute fail.
A scenecapture2d can never be the “owner” of anything.
Even working with child actors yelds no working results. The meshes aren’t visible in game OR on the scene capture.

Best workaround so far:

  1. Child Actor Camera in character.
  2. Child Actor Camera construction script to set Parent as owner.
  3. Child Actor particle spawner
  4. Child Actor particle - construction script, set Parent as Owner
  5. BP interface and overlap checks to add nearby actors to both ShowOnly list, and SetOwner as Parent Actor.

Hell of a work-around for something so basic.