Visible low poly faces

I’m sure this is basic as hell, but I haven’t encountered it before. The stem of my mushrooms has very visible faces and unless I use MeshSmooth in 3DS Max, they’re there. Even if I apply my diffuse. Any idea how I can make it look smooth while still keeping it very low poly?


Just set smoothing groups in 3DS Max.
Go to polygon editing mode (where you manipulate individual faces as opposed to vertices and edges), select all, scroll side panel down and there you should see a bunch of small buttons with numbers arranged in a rectangle. Click on any of them. There you go, the most basic smoothing groups setup is done. If you want that edge between some faces then assign them to different smoothing groups.

You are awesome. Thank you for the quick reply. That did the trick. I’ve heard about smoothing groups before but never used them or found it necessary to use them. Now I know better.