Visible lag when attaching objects to camera

When attaching an object to the camera of a character in VR, there is a lag when the camera is moving.
In the gif attached, you can see what happens when moving the HMD with a static mesh(cube) attached to the camera by drag&drop in the blueprint editor.

There was a recent bug fix about camera lag which can be related: UE-31787 Vive: Positional Latency w/ Rotation
I am currently using 4.12.5, which includes this fix.


How to reproduce:

  • Create a new project
  • Create a new character blueprint
  • Add a camera to the capsule
  • Add a static mesh close to the camera (becomes really visible below 60cm)
  • Click VR Preview & Vomit

Those are also the steps indicated in the official VR Camera guide:

Any news on this issue? :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Especially if the mesh is dynamically changing or updating (etc Set Static Mesh or by attaching TextRenderer)

Same here (UE 4.12.5).

It seems to be a known issue (Draw enemy HUD - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums ), although I am unsure if there is any fix planned.

Also related:

Switching the Anti-aliasing method (in Project Settings) from Temporal AA to FXAA however fix this problem.